Padel has got a new doubles partner with Keytrade Bank

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The players of who are playing this wonderful sport will already have noticed: the rankings have been Keytrade Bank branded.

"Keytrade Bank will commit to padel in Belgium in the coming years. Together with our partners Padel Belgium, AFT Padel and Padel Vlaanderen, the bank aims to support and further grow the padel sport in Belgium," says Thierry Ternier, CEO of Keytrade Bank. "What's not to like about this sport: it is growing very fast, it is accessible, competitive, but also about having fun.

Padel is everyone's game

With the help of these new partners and a number of various initiatives (that for the time being will have to remain a well-kept secret), Keytrade Bank aims to have a positive impact on the sport of padel in Belgium and the wider community. Even if padel is relatively new in Belgium, the sport has quickly gained ground. Those who tried to book a court during Covid will certainly agree. In recent years, more and more padel courts have been built and many tennis clubs have expanded their facilities with padel courts.

The main reason for padel's popularity is the sport's accessibility. Young or old, almost everyone can start to play it. It is quite easy to learn. As it is mostly played in doubles, it is also a social activity. That only adds to the sport's appeal.

"It is no secret that we love sports at Keytrade Bank. Remember our different 'running initiatives' of the last couple of years", says Thierry Ternier, "That's why we are happy to join forces with our Belgian padel organisations. Anyone can get into this sport, regardless of age and experience."

For both national teams and recreational players

Keytrade Bank’s sports sponsorship is not limited to the national teams, but will also be for the recreational players. "As bank, we are committed to contribute to the growth of the sport in general and the growth and professionalisation of players and teams. On top of our wish list is our aim to have a positive impact."

That's why we at Keytrade Bank are looking for ways to help make padel more sustainable. For example, how can we make sure that old padel balls are getting a second life? If all goes well, we will start a project around this issue. However, we are fully aware that just like in a game of padel, we will have to do this at the right speed and with the right effect to really move forward. And let's not forget, this can only be done with the help of experienced partners.

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