Comparing savings accounts: where do you put your money?

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300 billion euros. That is the amount held in savings accounts at Belgian banks today. Are you currently exploring your savings options and comparing different savings accounts? This blog post explains what to expect in terms of savings in the future and offers some insight into the most attractive savings plans right now.

The importance of a balance between the savings rate and market rate

The higher the savings rate, the higher the return will be on your savings. But how is this savings rate doing right now? And what exactly can we expect in the coming months? It is best to also take this information into consideration when comparing savings accounts. To be able to share this important context with you, we rely on the experience and expertise of Chief Strategist Geert Van Herck.

"It is crucial to know that the savings rate offered by the bank is directly related to what is happening with the market rate. This is also the case for mortgage interest rates and business investment loans, for example. This market rate is decided at a higher level. And for Belgian savings accounts, this higher level is the European Central Bank (ECB)."

"Essentially, you can split the market rate into a short-term and a long-term interest rate. The long-term interest rate is directly affected by what is happening in the economy: inflation, economic growth, supply and demand, and so on. The short-term interest rate in Belgium is managed by the ECB. It always aims to strike an optimal balance between economic growth and profitability for everyone involved. It is these shifts in short-term market rates that have a direct impact on the savings rates with individual banks."

"Keytrade Bank is very keen to respond to these latent changes in market interest rates very quickly. We do this to offer the most attractive interest rates on our savings accounts.


For an objective, up-to-date overview of the best savings rates in Belgium, visit independent online platforms such as regularly.

What if you were to compare savings accounts today?

If you were to compare savings rates today, what savings account would give you the best return? For an objective, up-to-date overview of the best savings rates in Belgium, visit independent online platforms such as regularly .

You will undoubtedly also find our Keytrade Bank savings plans in these overviews. When you open one of our savings packages, you benefit from an attractive interest rate and there are no mandatory conditions involved. This means you can start your savings adventure with Keytrade Bank without any restrictions.

Find out more about our savings plans

Now that you know exactly how the savings system works and how we monitor every little movement in savings interest rates for you, what is your next step? First of all, we invite you to visit our website to find out everything you need to know about our savings plans.

And if you decide to become one of our customers (quickly and free of charge), you can start using our savings calculator right away. This will tell you what the return will be in the future on your savings account with us, even if you do decide to withdraw your money at some point.

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