The fully online mortgage loan

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  • Get immediately our best rate
  • Take advantage from the lowest fees on the market
  • 100% online, so whenever you want
  • Questions? Our experts are happy to help

Your project. Our online mortgage loan.

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    No need to negotiate, we immediately offer you our best rate

    Do say no to our competitors where you need to have several appointments. You should immediately get their best interest rate for your project. At Keytrade bank we are taking you and your project seriously from the beginning. That's why you'll get our best interest rate right away.

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    The lowest fees and the biggest freedom of choice

    No application fee, free choice of insurers (but great offers from our partners).The notary fee will decrease thanks to our split mortgage/mandate which is automatically calculated based on the amount borrowed.

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    A team of very qualified experts are behind our offers

    Every credit request is analyzed by one of our mortgage loan experts. The better you fill out your personal data and your situation, the more we are able to propose you the best offer from the beginning. Support during the entire process is always there upon request. During your simulation through our contact center and from demand onwards through our experts. We are there for you every step of the way to realising your project.

Everything can be done online, from simulation to signature

It takes 2 steps to sign your credit

  • Tell us more about your project and yourself

    The first step is to introduce your personal and project information, and personalize your loan according to your needs.

  • Check your personal interest rate

    Your personal interest rate is guaranteed for the next 14 days. You can save your simulation, and introduce multiple simulations with different variations according to your needs.

  • Introduce your credit request

    If you like the results of the simulation, you can introduce a formal credit request online.

  • Sign your offer online

    Congratulations with this milestone for your project!

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