Together we'll make our future more sustainable!

Sustainability composition (top block)

By continuing to invest. And by trying to better ourselves wherever en whenever we can.

Our impact

Small where advisable, big where feasible. That’s how we see the impact of our bank. Our role is that of a no nonsense, pragmatic and digital platform that enables our clients to take their own socially responsible decisions. Without paying excessively.

So don’t expect a beautiful corporate movie with expensive promises, but a bank wanting to make a real difference with its over 250 employees:

  • Our ecological footprint is rather small. Yet we aim to make it even smaller.
  • Our range of products offers a lot of socially responsible solutions. Still we are going for more and better.
  • Our partnerships have been carefully chosen based on their impact on humanity, society and nature.

We care about your future as much as you do, so you can expect more from your bank than just a platform to earn a return on investment. Together we aim for a better and more sustainable 'return on living'.

For you and all your loved ones,

Thierry Ternier CEO Keytrade Bank

Each initiative counts

Our employees recognize this reality. Sustainability and societal impact are interwoven into the fabric of what our bank aims to accomplish and represent.

  • river cleanup

    River Cleanup

    Stopping the flood of plastic that causes irreversible damage to multiple ecosystems in our rivers and oceans. That's what River Cleanup does. With our support, they have been able to remove 32 000 kilos of plastic (> 1 056 000 bottles) in 2022. Our goal for 2023? 43 000 kilos.

  • Molengeek Logo (CTA)


    As a digital native we obviously welcome an initiative such as Molengeek. That is why we are partnering up with them. Through internships and a close interaction with our developers, we hope to help evolve their talents.

  • murals

    Our murals, sustainable works of art

    You’ve probably noticed our murals with the theme 'money buys happiness' in Brussels and Antwerp. What you may not know is that we used an invisible coating as a base, which purifies the surrounding air. Thus, we can conclude that, just like art, sustainability knows no bounds.

  • Arkea group

    A group with an ambitious CSR

    Crédit Mutuel Arkéa is a cooperative mutualistic group that is not listed on the stock market. We have a strong commitment to building a better community for everyone. Our Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility report shows how we act on this commitment in various areas, such as our climate strategy, our oil and gas policy, and how we deal with agriculture and viticulture.

    You can also read our report in French, as required by the Climate Energy law.