Fortune favours the bold

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... has been the tagline at Keytrade Bank for a long time. Allowing you to take control of your finances to get the most out of it ... that has been our philosophy and our view on investing and banking. Away with needless costs.

Welcome to the bank that pays you.

A bank for all seasons

  • Money buys happiness (CTA)

    Money buys happiness

    We know that this isn't the sole factor. Yet money does have the power to do just that. For you and for others. You will find in Keytrade Bank a sidekick who likes to give you a little hand with bringing/buying happiness. Through our platform you can invest in what matters to you: your own home, your family, but also sustainability, equality, medical science, ... We make your money count for something more.

  • Office tower building (CTA)

    Online broker turned into fully digital bank

    We still remain loyal to our roots of online trading. Yet we have become much more for many more clients in 24 years. Welcome to the bank for whom online was already the norm, when others still defined their network in terms of local offices. µ

    Every day we are working with more than 250 closely together to help you get more out of your money. You may expect from us a wide range of financial products and services for all people who are taking their finances in their own hands ... and don't want to pay the unnecessary cost of physical branches.

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    Small size, big offer

    The number of employees at Keytrade Bank may most certainly be described as relatively modest. Some of our competitors probably have double at their marketing departments alone. With our 250 colleagues we are offering you a wide range of services and solutions.

    What's more, we continue to grow at Keytrade Bank. As a result, we are constantly looking for talents to join our motivated staff.

  • Crédit Mutuel Arkea logo (CTA)

    Part of the strong Crédit Mutuel Arkéa

    Since 2016 Keytrade Bank is the Belgian branch of Arkéa Direct Bank SA, which is a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa. Having such a strong shareholder enables us to maintain and reinforce our unique position on the Belgian market.

Our management

Our leadership continue to push the boundaries of online banking and investing.