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Invest in a personalised portfolio of trackers in a cost efficient manner. Actively managed by our experts and following an algorithm that allows for an optimal spread of your investment. Starting from 15 000EUR .

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Your wealth is in good hands

With Keyprivate, we invest your money for you. Not through individual shares, but through cost efficient trackers. These are composed of dozens, sometimes hundreds of underlying assets. The result is a widely diversified portfolio that not only accords to your own personalised risk profile but also avoids unnecessary costs.

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    Diversified thanks to the use of trackers

    With Keyprivate, your money is invested in a selection of 8 cost efficient trackers: 4 share trackers, 2 bond trackers and 2 commodity trackers. Add a cash as asset class when needed. In short, everything our investment committee needs to ensure a wider spread of potential risk and an optimal allocation according to your risk profile.

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    Optimal allocation

    The right ‘mix’ of major investment categories: that's what determines a large part of your investment result. As a result, Keyprivate puts the emphasis on ‘asset allocation. We aim the optimal balance, based on your risk profile and according to the market context.

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    Any sustainability preferences?

    Keyprivate can take care of them too. Just let us know if you have sustainability preferences. Your answers to our questionnaire and your risk profile will determine if your portfolio will be composed of instruments that are following the Paris Aligned Benchmarks on the one hand and/or green bonds on the other hand.

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    Less costs

    By investing in cost-efficient trackers you are getting with Keyprivate a widely diversified portfolio, without unnecessary costs. Apart from the unavoidable taxes, the only cost you pay is our low fixed management fee.

    This fee amounts to 0.91% per year, including VAT and transaction costs. Overall you are paying 2 to 3 times less than at a traditional portfolio management firm.

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    Constant rebalancing

    Market movements or fluctuating performances of the various trackers may result in your portfolio no longer being efficient or optimal. Our investment committee meets once a month to assess your portfolio and adjust it, if needed.

    This constant rebalancing ensures that the level of risk taken is according to your risk profile.

Calculate your return

Discover what KEYPRIVATE can do for your portfolio

10 years


Estimated capital on July 2034:


Estimated annual return:



Have a look at the past performance of our different portfolios. These are net returns, meaning after the withdrawal of the management fees (0.91% per year incl. VAT) and possible taxes. Past performances are not a reliable indicator of future results.

  • Very moderate

    This portfolio focuses less on shares (15% maximum) and more on bonds and liquidities.


    From 01/01/2024

    Yearly returns















  • Balanced

    This portfolio focuses both on shares (50% maximum) and on bonds (75% maximum).


    From 01/01/2024

    Yearly returns















  • Dynamic

    This portfolio focuses more on shares (65% maximum) and less on bonds (65% maximum).


    From 01/01/2024

    Yearly returns
















Even though our experts do everything they can to mitigate them, there are certain risks. We are very transparent about that.

No capital guarantee and no guaranteed return

The value of your assets can rise or fall. Selling at a less favourable time could mean that you could lose part or, in theory, even all of your invested capital.

You have no say in the composition of your portfolio

In the case of discretionary asset management, the bank decides on your behalf. It determines what it believes is necessary for the proper management of your portfolio. In doing so, it continually defends your interests and ensures that it follows the investment strategy that has been carefully established together with you.

The trackers in your portfolio involve both benefits and risks

Like any financial product, trackers are subject to risks. You can find more information about this in our support section.

Sustainability risks within Keyprivate

As Keyprivate consists of trackers rather than individual shares, bonds or investment funds, sustainability risks cannot currently be used as a criterion in the investment decisions to be taken. It is possible to take this into account in our Keyprivate portfolio management only if the eight selected issuers apply this as a criterion when composing their tracker.

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