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How to open a Keyprivate?

Opening a KEYPRIVATE account involves four major steps:

1.    Simulation: Simulate the potential return for your risk level.

2.    Suitability test: This questionnaire aims to understand your objective, financial knowledge, risk profile, and personal situation. Your answers allow us to tailor a portfolio specifically for you. To complete this test, make sure to have your most recent pay slip or tax assessment notice at hand.

3.    Online signature of the portfolio management mandate: You confirm the opening of your KEYPRIVATE account and electronically sign the portfolio management mandate.

4.    Capital allocation: After signing, you need to fund your current account with Keytrade Bank with the amount you have chosen as your initial capital.

How can I deposit money into my KEYPRIVATE account?

Your KEYPRIVATE portfolio is funded from your Keytrade Bank current account. The initial amount and any periodic deposits should be transferred to this account. In your KEYPRIVATE dashboard, there is an option that allows you to deposit additional funds directly into this account.

Can I open a KEYPRIVATE account with my joint account, and how should I proceed?

Absolutely! KEYPRIVATE can be opened through your joint account, with both account holders becoming co-holders of the KEYPRIVATE account. A delegate cannot open a KEYPRIVATE account. Opening through a joint account follows the same four steps as an individual account: simulation, suitability test, signature, and capital allocation. The suitability test should only be completed by one of the account holders, but the questions should be answered on behalf of both account holders. Note that the section regarding knowledge, experience, and risk should be answered considering the person with the least knowledge and experience. The questionnaire must be validated by both account holders. Therefore, it is important to have the login credentials of each individual to finalize your request.

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