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Self-knowledge is the fount of all wisdom. This proverb is perhaps even more relevant in the world of investors than elsewhere. Before you even think about investing, it’s best to stand in front of a mirror. The question is not just how much you want to invest, but also what you can and want to do. At Keytrade Bank, we will work with you to find the right answers in order to roll out your first investment plan.

What is your current investor profile? Fortunately, you don't have to answer this question alone. Let’s do it together. As your future manager, it is important for us to know who we are dealing with and how we can get the most out of your investment for you, taking your lifestyle into account.

Defining your investor profile through consultation is not just desirable, but compulsory, regardless of which financial institution you contact. Traditionally, profiles are divided into three different categories.

1. Defensive investors

Defensive investors shy away from major risks and will focus primarily on insurance-linked savings, commercial bonds and government bonds. They prefer financial guarantees and fixed returns to huge profits. A slightly less defensive investor may also dare to try products with slightly higher returns, but with slightly less certainty of success.

2. Neutral investors

Balanced or neutral investors will split their investments. Going 50% for certainty with largely guaranteed returns and income, and 50% actively investing in for example, equities.

Keytrade Bank also makes it possible for (beginner) investors to invest passively in equities. Under Keyprivate, our investment experts put together a balanced but sufficiently diversified basketof shares for you, (trackers or ETFs), which they also manage and adjust for you.

3. Offensive investors

The more dynamic and volatile the products you invest in, the happier you are. The risk of (fairly) major losses is always around the corner, but you can afford it. You aim for the highest possible return and therefore focus primarily on individual shares. And they can happily be speculative or exotic ones.


Having your investor profile determined by means of a test is not just desirable, but compulsory, regardless of the financial institution you contact.

On a scale from 1 to 10

How much risk are you prepared to take on as an investor? At Keytrade Bank, too, we use the above categories as the basis for determining your investor profile. However, we prefer to go one step further. On the one hand, to get an extra clear picture of your financial situation, and on the other hand, to map out even better where you draw the line relating to financial risks.

How do we determine your profile?

Which of the above investor profiles suits you to perfection? We find this out using the mandatory MiFID test (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) issued by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA).

By means of this test, you show us to how familiar you already are with investments, investment products and the potential risks associated with them. At the same time, we review how you are doing today and what your future plans are:

  • What is your professional and financial position?
  • Are there any major investments on your agenda in the next few years?
  • What financial risks are you prepared to take?
  • How much experience do you already have with investing?
  • How would you react to certain changes in the financial market?

Keep these 3 investment commandments handy

Before we send you our investor test, let’s take a look at three golden investment rules that must never be ignored. Turn to them in times of doubt or impulsiveness and make the right, smart choices every time:

Investing is not a short pleasure trip looking for quick returns, it actually requires a lot of patience over the long term. So don't invest resources that you can't manage without (long-term) in your daily life.

Spread your money across different types of investments and/or products. This also spreads the possible risks.

You no longer feel like an amateur investor and would you like to build up a different portfolio? Take the time to prepare this in detail and roll it out with a financial expert.

Get started in 3 short steps!

Now that you know what to expect, we invite you to discover which of our ten investor profiles is the one that suits you. What do you need to do?

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This article does not contain any investment advice or recommendation, nor a financial analysis. Nothing in this article may be construed as information with a contractual value of any sort whatsoever. This article is intended for information only and does not constitute in any way a commercialization of financial products. Keytrade Bank cannot be held liable for any decision made based on the information contained in this article, nor for its use by third parties. Every investment entails risks such as a possible loss of capital. Before investing in financial instruments, please inform yourself properly and read carefully the document "Overview of the principal characteristics and risks of financial instruments" that you can find in the Document centre.

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