Your investments are your choice

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Still a novice as investor? Or already a more experienced trader? Our gateway to the markets is open 24/7! Grant yourself access to the most important international markets and a wide variety of user-friendly tools to help you trade.

Trade yourself online

Speed and flexibilty are essential on the stock markets. Thanks to our app, transaction platform and tools you are totally in control of your own portfolio.

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    A financial supermarket

    That's right. Make your own choices from a range of different financial instruments you want to trade. Stocks, ETFs, options, funds, turbos, bonds... on multiple markets. It's available on our platform and our app.

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    Guidance where needed

    Our investment tools help you out whenever needed. The Global Analyzer gives you a clear diagnosis on a stock, and the Idea Centre shows you interesting investment opportunities.

    Next to that, realtime stock quotes and alerts keep you up-to-date at any moment.

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    Interesting prices

    You will pay a fair and fully transparent fee for your orders. At Keytrade Bank your stocks stay your own. No securities lending with your instruments to reduce costs. Instead you get access to interesting investment tools. And a free offer in daily banking.

The best tools to help you trade

Want to get started?

Open your free trading account now or transfer your securities and we pay you back the transfer cost up to 2500EUR

  • Free trading account

    Get access to international stock markets!

    • A host of financial instruments: shares, options, turbos, and more.
    • Access to the major international stock markets
    • Two exclusive analysis tools: Global Analyzer and Idea Centre
    • € 7.50 per transaction (up to € 2,500 on Euronext Brussels)
  • Transfer your securities

    Are you holding securities at another bank?

    Transfer them to Keytrade Bank! Stop paying custodian fees and recover your costs up to € 2.500 in cash when you transfer your securities to Keytrade Bank

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