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Find the best opportunities every day. Search among over 10,000 European and US stock for the ones that match your criteria.

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    Investment themes

    Based on in-depth analysis we present you with first-rate ideas related to certain investment themes, such as:

    • The most undervalued shares
    • The analysts' favourites
    • Defensive shares
    • Golden ideas

    The themes are regularly updated, which means that they always provide you with new, surprising and valuable insights and ideas.

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    Stock screener

    The stock screener allows you to scan the market yourself. It is actually an 'advanced search' module that you can use to filter the entire stock universe applying your own criteria. For example you can select by:

    • Markets and sectors
    • Valuation (equity, capital / profit, dividend yield)
    • Outlooks (recommendations, earnings revision)
    • Finances (return on equity, debts, etc.)
    • Risk (Beta, Volatility, etc.)

    Your searches produce a clear list with scores for each theme. It is easy to compare and sort the search results.

  • Idea Center Stock Profile Screenshot (CTA)

    Stock profile

    The overview page displays all essential stock information at a glance:

    • Valuation
    • Analysts' opinion of the share
    • Conclusions of the technical and fundamental analysis
    • Risk profile

    That way you have all the necessary information to ensure that you make the best choice.

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