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Global Analyzer

Know your investments: this tool lets you instantly diagnose the stocks that interest you. Exclusively available in Belgium, the Global Analyzer is a professional-quality stock analysis tool.

Quickly diagnose any stock

on one of the 18 international markets

By valuation

Visualize the stock’s value across different criteria: for example dividend policy (‘return approach’) or the quality of the company’s assets (‘value method’).

By quality

Visualize the balance sheet of the company concerned (more than 200 ratios are considered). Explore the resulting strengths and weaknesses and see a conclusion on the company’s growth model.

By outlook

See what analysts have to say about purchasing this stock (optimistic / pessimistic / neutral). The various criteria taken into consideration are: target price, estimated trend in profits, the financial community’s recommendations, etc.

By timing

More easily identify the right time to buy or sell your stock.

By risk

Visualize the health of the stock according to its absolute or relative volatility, the size of the company, the net assets coverage, and financial health.

The choice is yours

  • Global Analyzer Basic

    • Free
    • Summary of the analysis and main conclusions.

  • Global Analyzer Premium

    • € 20 / month
    • Free for all stocks that you hold in your portfolio
    • Free for all stocks available in Global Analyzer if you execute 3 transactions/month
    • Complete analysis (illustrated with graphs and tables) and exhaustive conclusions.