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At Keytrade Bank, we take the concept of doing something for free up a notch. There is free and then there is extra free with our 5 cents per transaction, as we pay you. And not the other way around.

Spend smarter

Why pay unnecessary costs at other banks, when you can get something better. At Keytrade Bank, we value our customers’ proactive approach to managing their own banking transactions. Not only are our bank accounts and debit and credit cards free of charge, but we also reward you with 5 cents for every transaction you make.

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    Free current account

    And at the same time a savings and trading account completely free of charge. Keypack offers you the most interesting package on the market. Especially for people who prefer a digital approach. Better than free and unique on the Belgian market, even if we say so ourselves.

  • Keytrade debit card and Classic VISA credit card (CTA)

    Free debit and credit card

    Pay 100% safely and contactlessly with our debit card. Our credit cards are free of charge the first year. And it's up to you to keep them that way. Just do 12 transactions a year.

    Choose from three types of VISA cards:

    • VISA Classic
    • VISA Gold
    • VISA Platinum

    Each of them with their own limit and insurace package.

  • 5cents

    Receive 5 cents per transaction

    Really? Sure! Just pay with your debit card. Or simply do a transfer and we will reward you. We will pay you for up to 50 transactions per month. Simply because you deserve it.

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    Get cash back with our cashbacks

    Get rewarded when purchasing with your Keytrade Bank card. How? Just subscribe to our programme in the app. Interesting deals from participating merchants are there for the taking.

    It is simply in our DNA at Keytrade Bank to give our clients something extra. You are more than welcome to come and discover how we are the bank that pays you.

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    Forbes ranking of the best banks

    Keytrade Bank is proud to have been voted best Belgian bank by the prestigious American magazine Forbes for the 2nd year running! This ranking is based on several criteria, including trustworthiness, digital services and overall satisfaction. Find out more on the Forbes website.


Handy app on the go

The Keytrade Bank app puts your bank and the markets in your pocket, making it very convenient for you to take charge of your financial affairs. Access your account whenever you want and say goodbye to opening hours and appointments.

  • Always available
  • Free of charge
  • Safe
  • Your financial situation at a glance
  • Loads of extra features
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Why not get paid by your bank?

Open a Keypack. It's a wise decision as you'll get a free current, savings and trading account. Get 5 cents per transaction instead of management fees and receive free debit and credit cards. Welcome to the bank that is happy to pay you.

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