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Using the credit card

Which transactions can I carry out using my credit card?

Your credit card allows you to cover all your expenses and withdraw cash, not just in Belgium, but also abroad, and facilitates online payments. The current account associated with your credit card is only debited once a month. A credit card is often used as a secure option, but it also enables you to travel without having to carry different currencies.

What should I do if I enter three wrong PINs?

After 3 incorrect PIN codes, your card is automatically blocked for security reasons. You can unblock it yourself via our transaction site.

  • Request a PIN code reminder
  • Read the instructions and click on "Got it"
  • Enter your PIN code at a payment terminal or ATM.

Please note: you need to enter your PIN code to unblock your card. Any intermediate payment without contact and without a PIN code will require you to repeat the procedure.

Do you whish to use your credit card in the United States?

Your credit card needs to be activated for use abroad. This can be done through the App or the transaction website in the options of your card. 

How do I change the Pin code on my credit card?

  • Log in to or the app
  • Click on "Cards".
  • Click on "Configure".
  • Click on "Change" in the "PIN code" block.
  • Sign to confirm.
  • Choose a secure PIN code and repeat it
  • Go to an ATM
  • Use your new PIN to withdraw money twice. Do this before using your credit card online or in a shop to confirm the change

Important: it is not possible to change your PIN code directly at the ATM.

Why was my PIN code not changed?

It is important to follow the complete PIN change procedure. If you do not make 2 ATM withdrawals after changing your code online, your code will not be confirmed. If you have used your credit card for a charge before confirmation at an ATM, then the PIN code will be reset.

If you are in doubt, you can always request your PIN code by sms via the transactional site or app.