Money buys happiness!

oscar MBH

Yes, this might go against all what you have been taught as a kid.

But money really does buy happiness. Or better: it can. It all depends on how money – YOUR MONEY - is being spent. And on what makes you happy of course.

Your money, your call ...

... on what brings you joy. At our bank, it is you who is in control.

If invested wisely and responsibly, money has the power to make a difference for you and many others ... as money makes the world go round.

We probably all agree that happiness is a complex, nebulous state of mind. It looks like the sum of fleeting simple pleasures and more sustained rewards of certain things you do or experience that only make sense when you look back on them years later.

Well, when we as Keytrade Bank look back we want to be able to say that we helped you buy better, more rewarding, happier moments for you, your loved ones and many others in the process.

That is what ‘Money buys happiness’ is all about. You earned your money, so you decide on how it’s being spent, saved or invested.

And we?

We make it our business to be your sidekick in your search for a more rewarding return on investment. Let’s call it a return on living.