Invest in a better future

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Get more from your savings and take advantage of the benefits of investments funds.

With Keyplan investing becomes simple and accessible for everyone

Choose your amount, frequency and investment style and invest according to your own pace in a basket of funds.

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    Intelligent investing

    Keyplan invests your money according to 2 golden rules: diversification and regular investing. Thanks to diversification over multiple funds, you're not putting all your eggs in one basket.

    And by investing periodically, you never start investing at the wrong time. Over the long run, those 2 rules lower your risks, and maximize your profit.

    And of course the Keyplan funds are carefully selected by our experts and among the best in the market.

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    No costs

    It's completely free of charge. There are no fees when you open a Keyplan, no management fees and you can also stop the investment plan for free.

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    Adapt at any time

    After you started investing, you can just let your Keyplan run and watch it grow. But if you want you can easily add additional amounts, pauze your investments temporarily, and of course check how your Keyplan is doing at any time in our app. 

    And you choose how much risk you want to take: stay cautious, take a balance approach, or be audacious. And if you want to choose all funds yourself, that's also possible.

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    4 investment styles and à la carte

    Put your Keyplan together yourself or get inspired by one of the four investment styles: cautious, balanced, audacious or sustainable. There are in total about 40 carefully selected funds to choose from.

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Why not invest 'next gen'?

Prepare today the future of your children with Keyplan for Kids.

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