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A regular investment as from € 25 a year

A regular investment as from € 25 a year

The most important characteristics of KEYPLAN

Automatic payments

Once you have worked out the amount that you want to pay in regularly (per month, per quarter, per six months or year), everything is done automatically. You no longer need to give it any thought, unless you want to stop your KEYPLAN or to change your payment amounts. You can top up the regular payments with occasional payments, even after starting your KEYPLAN.

From € 25 /year

Everyone is free to invest as much as they want. Conventional wisdom says that you should have precautionary savings of 6 to 9 months of net salary, which can be adapted according to your own situation. For longer periods, everything will depend on your plans for the short or medium term. But you can be sure of one thing: KEYPLAN is the ideal solution for those starting to invest.

Can be checked everywhere and at all times

Wherever you are, you can check the progress of your KEYPLAN on any computer, smartphone or tablet. On your mobile devices, all you need to do is download our Keytrade Bank app.

No entry fees

Unlike other banks, Keytrade Bank won't charge you any fees when you open a KEYPLAN. There are also no management fees. The exit fees are clear and transparent: € 0 if you stop your KEYPLAN after 5 years and only € 9.95 per fund included in your KEYPLAN if you stop before the fifth year.

40 quality fund selected by our experts

The 40 funds included in the KEYPLAN promotion are among the best on the market. They have been carefully selected by our stock market experts in line with these criteria: performance, risk, diversification (geographic and sectoral) and the quality of the manager.

Diversified and regular investments

The return on a KEYPLAN is never guaranteed. But its major strength lies in reducing risk by sticking to the two golden rules: regular investment (spread over time) and a diversification of funds (based in different regions or sectors). So you will benefit automatically from a better distribution of your investments and greater security.

You choose your investment style

Choose the style that suits you best from our three investment styles. These investment styles differ notably by their risks and their potential returns. Once your choice is made, we invest the amount chosen in a selection of hand-picked funds. Are you an expert on funds? Would you prefer to put together your own tailored plan? That is not a problem, as you can always create your own tailored KEYPLAN.

You can add money and/or change your payments amount

Any time you want, you can change your initial KEYPLAN: this includes the payments amount or the regularity of the payments. You can even halt them for a while. All this can be done without incurring any fees.

You stop when you want

You can stop your KEYPLAN at any time: All you have to do is fill in a document and send it to us via post. If that is done before the end of the fifth year, you will have to pay fees of € 9.95 per fund included in your plan. After the fifth year, the transfer of the amount in your KEYPLAN will be free of charge.

More than 20 000 active KEYPLAN

There are many reasons to open a KEYPLAN, as there are many ways to manage your KEYPLAN, whatever your motivation or skills.

KEYPLAN is an investment plan in a predefined and automated basket of funds. But what is a fund?

Fund means 'Undertaking for Collective Investment' (« UCI »). UCI is a general term used for different undertakings collecting money from the public and whose activity consists of managing an investment portfolio. The term 'fund' covers collective investment schemes in the form of an investment company (such as the Sicav or Sicaf), as well as mutual funds, and their sub-funds.

Discover the 40 KEYPLAN quality funds