Let professionals manage your investments for you

Why invest in funds?

Mainly to reduce the risk involved, thanks to sound diversification. With a fund, you entrust one or more fund managers of your choice with the task of growing your capital.

Fund means: 'Undertaking for Collective Investment' (« UCI »). UCI is a general term used for different undertakings collecting money from the public and whose activity consists of managing an investment portfolio. The term 'fund' covers collective investment schemes in the form of an investment company (such as the Sicav or Sicaf), as well as mutual funds, and their sub-funds.


  • Reduced risk thanks to diversification
  • Potentially higher performance
  • Minimal and transparent fees
  • Keytrade only distributes funds issued by third parties, which ensures complete independence


  • No capital guarantee
  • The value of a fund may fluctuate

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