Keyplan for kids

Little girl smiling with closed eyes (top)

The first online investment plan in funds that grows with your child.

  • From 25EUR per year
  • 0EUR entry fees
  • 4 investment styles or à la carte

Their future starts now

Easy investing for the apple(s) of your eye? With Keyplan you can easily and automatically invest in a fund savings plan. Birth, birthday, communion, ... all ideal moments to open a KEYPLAN for kids. The sooner you start, the more it can yield.

Simulate it yourself

Specify the details of your Keyplan

Per trimester


If since 01/04/2014 I would have invested 0EUR

The balanced KEYPLAN would now be worth 0EUR



Two ways to open a KEYPLAN for a child

  • In name of the child

    The funds belong to the child

    • The parents open the KEYPLAN
    • When the child reaches the age of 18 years, he gets control of the KEYPLAN
    • You can stop the payments at any time
  • In your name with the child as beneficiary

    The funds belong to you

    • You open the Keyplan
    • You keep control of the Keyplan
    • You can stop the payments at any time
    • Only possible for a KEYPLAN opened by an account holder of an individual account

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