Don’t let your money sleep! And invest.

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Tomorrow's wealth is already being made today. Investing in your financial future simply makes sense and thanks to our investment solutions you can do more than just save. Novice? Or experienced investor? At Keytrade Bank you'll find the approach that suits you best.

Smart investing? Discover our investment formulas!

Modest sum of money? Or rather important one? Regular deposits or one-off? Short or log term? Risk averse or rather bold? Every type of investor will find what he or she needs at Keytrade Bank.

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    Invest in a sustainable future

    • As from 25EUR per year
    • Without entry costs
    • According to the investment style of your choice
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    Make your money work for you

    • Our experts manage your portfolio for you, based on your profile and needs
    • Smart investing as it follows an Nobel Prize winning investment strategy
    • Only at a fraction of the costs of traditional portfolio managers
    • From 15 000EUR onwards
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    As a trader

    • Trade on your own in loads of instruments: shares, options, ETFs, ...
    • Direct access to the most important international markets
    • Realtime data and alerts are keeping you posted
    • Analysing tools help you choose

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The future is what you make of it

Think long term and invest in your future. Our qualitative, yet low-cost solutions will surely help you realise your ambitions.