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What is the Global Analyzer and how does it work?

What is the Global Analyzer?

The Global Analyzer is a powerful analysis tool which characterizes a certain share according to five key aspects: Valuation, Outlook, Timing, Quality and Risk. For each of these five aspects an in-depth analysis is realized which always leads to a clear conclusion going of inferior until excellent.

What is the Global analyzer and how does it work?

On what does the Global Analyzer base itself to form an analysis?

Global Analyzer is the fruit of years of research. Global Analyzer is fed thousands of up-to-date data on tens of thousands of shares. Those data are collected from the biggest suppliers of data such as Factset, Interactive Data and Reuters. These data are processed daily in several analysis modules which base themselves on the most important economic literature in each of 5 key aspects (Valuation, Outlook, Timing, Quality, Risk).

Are the analyses of the Global Analyzer reliable?

The Global Analyzer uses up-to-date information from reliable data suppliers, such as Factset, Reuters and Interactive Data. The analysis models which are used by the Global Analyzer are based on the most relevant literature published in the last 50 years. Therefore, we can say that Global Analyzer is a reliable and scientifically supported investment tool. It is however incorrect to state that all the recommendations of the Global Analyzer lead inevitably to successful investments. The Global Analyzer is certainly no crystal ball which can predict the evolution of the price of a share!

How much does the use of the Global Analyzer cost?

There are two versions of Global Analyzer:

  • A free version (BASIC): only the synthesis of the results of the analysis is available. These results are identical to those of the version PREMIUM.
  • A paying version (PREMIUM): it is a complete analysis of the share including a descriptive text, graphs and a conclusion.

The BASIC is completely free and all Keytrade Bank's client can consult it unlimitedly. For all the shares you have in your portfolio, you will have free access to the PREMIUM analyses. This will allow you, without any charges, to manage in an optimal way the shares you possess.

The PREMIUM costs EUR 20 per month for an unlimited number of analyses. On the other hand, this version is free if the client has at least 3 executed stock exchange transactions in the month. For that month, the monthly cost will not be charged. For all the shares of your portfolio, you receive an unlimited number of PREMIUM analyses. It will allow you, without any charges, to manage in an optimal way the shares that you possess.

Is the Global Analyzer a completely automatic tool?

Yes. In this way, each subjective element is excluded from the analysis and the Global Analyzer can concentrate itself only on objective and reliable data.

How frequently are the analyses of the Global Analyzer updated?

The update happens daily for all the shares. This way, you can consult every day the up-to-date analyses of the shares which interest you.

Can I use the Global Analyzer for other types of assets (such as bonds, funds, structured products, options, turbo's,...)?

No, the Global Analyzer limits itself only to the analysis of shares.

Does the Global Analyzer take my investor's profile into account?

No. The recommendations of the Global Analyzer are totally independent from your investor's profile.

Does the Global Analyzer take my trading portfolio in account?

No. The recommendations of the Global Analyzer are totally independent from your trading portfolio.

What is the difference between the Global Analyzer and the Idea Center?

The Idea Center is a tool for the trader who wants to make a quick list of all the potentially interesting shares. Such a list is obtained by the implementation of fast selection according to several criteria. It is absolutely necessary that the investor analyses the shares on the list thoroughly before taking an investment decision. This analysis can, among others, be made by the Global Analyzer.

No, Keytrade Bank does not have its own "trading book" and thus, does not hold any position. In this way, we can guarantee an optimal objectivity of the Global Analyzer.