Belgians and their wealth

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Thanks to our Chair at Ghent University, we proudly present our first 'wealth report'.

Helping to build our clients' wealth is one of our bank's core tasks. We think that providing you with a well-founded and especially ‘realistic’ benchmark like this, we hope to bring you one step closer to realising your goals.

Some stats and figures

Yet, more info is to be found in the wealth report.

  • Feeling rich with 1 000 000EUR

    One million euros is the magic threshold for 29.6% of our respondents to feel rich. Given this logic, quite a few Belgians are “rich”. More than one in seven households are millionaires, according to our survey. Important note: this is not just money in the bank account, it also includes the family home, car and businesses.

  • Median vs average

    The median wealth of the Belgian household is 249 301EUR . Average wealth is – at 437 273EUR – almost two hundred thousand euros higher than the median. A few large outliers push up the average wealth and create large differences in the distribution of wealth. This means that Belgian’s wealth is not distributed on a normal distribution curve.

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    Age matters of course

    The youngest age group (18-34), with 121 426EUR , has the least wealth. People in their twenties and early thirties are starting their careers and laying the foundation for their later wealth. By the time people reach retirement age (65-74), median wealth peaks at 340 050EUR . The longer people are retired, the more they consume their reserves.

CEO Thierry Ternier and professor Koen Ingelbrecht