Plastic is a problem, become the solution!

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To reduce plastic pollution for cleaner, healthier rivers and oceans. That is the mission of our partner River Cleanup, which we're proud to support every year. At Keytrade Bank, even our customers can contribute! Find out how to join the movement.

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    The ugly plastic truth

    Every year, more than 11 billion kilos of plastic is polluting our oceans. 80% of which through our rivers. Water makes this plastic break up in extremely tiny little pieces.

    Worse still, these harmful microplastics find their way back to us through the water cycle and into our food, drink and even the air we breathe. Every week, we unwittingly ingest the weight of a bank card. The consequences? Hormonal imbalances and other health risks...

    We need to take action!

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    What is River Cleanup?

    Founded in Belgium by Thomas de Groote, River Cleanup focusses with its ‘River Warriors’ on:

    • Cleaning thanks to a worldwide network of volunteers
    • Informing people through workshops and lectures and make them conscious of this gigantic problem
    • Transforming organisations such as Keytrade Bank to help them reduce their environmental impact.

    More on the River Cleanup website

Thomas from River Cleanup would like to thank you

Last month, we asked you if you wanted to support clean rivers using your 5-cent bonus. This action is still ongoing, but Thomas from River Cleanup is happy to give you an overview.

You too can help reduce plastic pollution!

  • Donate your monthly 5-cent bonus

    Would you like to contribute to River Cleanup's noble cause? We are giving you the opportunity to donate your monthly 5-cent bonus of September, October and November 2023. A small gesture for you, a big support for our partner!

    How do you do it? Go to the transactional site on the day your bonus is paid out, and Keytrade Bank will offer you the chance to donate it... and THANK YOU in advance!

  • Take part in a River Cleanup

    1 rubbish bag, 1 pair of gloves and a little of your time to collect garbage along the rivers... It is almost nothing, but when thousands of us take part, it changes everything!

    To join a River Cleanup near you, or organize your own, click here.

River Cleanup and Keytrade Bank: more than just financial support

It all started in 2022, when Keytrade Bank and River Cleanup embarked on a true partnership. Because, in addition to our financial support of 32,000 euros in September 2022, it was also important for us to raise awareness of River Cleanup's cause among our employees and customers over the long term. In 2023, Keytrade Bank employees have already actively participated in the national River Cleanup challenge in April (see our CEO's video below) and enjoyed a teambuilding event in Brussels to clean up the canal banks in May.

To mark Keytrade Bank's 25th anniversary, a new donation of 25,000 euros was made in September, and new actions will be carried out at the end of the year, including a University Challenge in partnership with the VUB. Customers are also invited to help support River Cleanup by donating their monthly bonus of 5 cents per operation.

And we don't intend to stop there...