Got (the) balls to recycle?

Second Serve

With Second Serve, we want to give used balls a new reason of existence.

In cooperation with the various federations we - as a proud sponsor of padel - are looking at how we can help the sport evolve.

We all need a Second Serve

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    How do we recycle?

    By supplying recycle bins to clubs all over the country. Padel players can leave their used balls in those bins, where they will be collected every month to get first stored and then finally recycled.

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    What do we want to achieve?

    First of all we want to help make the sport more sustainable. With Second Serve we have launched a long-term project that should be able to evolve year after year. By supplying an additional 75 bins on top of the 15 of our test project, we aim to:

    • serve 1 club out of 4
    • make recycling balls a national sport
    • reduce the CO2 emission
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    Where are we today?

    Our Second Serve project has been tested at multiple clubs in the wider region of Sint-Niklaas.

    • 15 clubs
    • 2 collections
    • 517 kg collected
    • 9000 padel members reached

In collaboration with

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    Padel Vlaanderen

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    Padel Wallonie Bruxelles

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    Wase Werkplaats

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