Why this independent wealth report?


Thierry Ternier

CEO Keytrade Bank

At Keytrade Bank, we are convinced of the power of money. When it helps us build a meaningful life within our family, circle of friends, at work and beyond, money has the power to make us happy.

Customers of our bank take their happiness and their money matters into their own hands. And that is precisely what we want to make as easy and advantageous as possible. But in addition, we also want to help them by offering knowledge and insight.

We believe we can help our clients and Belgians in general by providing objective, accurate information on how other Belgians build and manage their wealth. This is why we partnered with Ghent University to commission a solid, science-based answer to questions such as:

  • How much does the average Belgian have in savings?
  • What percentage of their estate is in real estate?
  • What do Belgian’s investments look like?
  • How big a part do cars, jewellery and art collections represent?

This first report on Belgian’s wealth is unique. It is timely and reliable, home-grown, and based on scientific methods. Moreover, it has a large, representative sample. At the same time, this report offers some significant advantages over other existing research:

  • Periodicity: we are going to collect this detailed data on an annual basis.
  • Size: we are going to do this for all possible estate components (including both public and occupational pensions of households, but also, for example, less common instruments such as cryptocurrencies).
  • New insights: we seek to link this data to financial behaviour, planning, well-being, and literacy.

We hope that this report - and subsequent reports (as we plan to continue to do so) - will help the public test their own choices against what others are doing, but also to set realistic goals and make wise decisions.

Because that is how money contributes to happiness.

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