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There is more to your VISA card than you would probably suspect. We want to bet that you can’t sum up everything that comes along with having a VISA at Keytrade Bank. And that’s what makes our credit card offer so versatile and strong.

Are you already taking advantage of our ‘Bidroom’ benefit?

If not, no worries. Onboarding is possible at any time. This is completely free of charge if you have a VISA Gold or Platinum. Our VISA Classic gives you 6 months free of charge and a yearly fee of only 9EUR to help you benefit from the lowest hotel rates on the market. Our collaboration with the booking platform Bidroom may lead to a discount of up to 25%. Moreover, it comes along with early check-ins and late check-outs.

Result: more quality time when you and your loved ones want to escape the daily grind this summer.

> Travel smarter with Bidroom

No Keytrade Bank Visa yet? Just request one, as it’s free of charge (and stays that way when you have at least 12 transactions a year) . Moreover, it offers lots of other benefits as well.

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