10 ways to save money with apps

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Savings in your fridge

By using an app like Too Good To Go or Phenix, not only are you doing your wallet a favour, but you're also helping to combat food waste. You can use the app to buy up surplus items from the baker, supermarket or other retailers at budget-friendly prices. OLIO allows you in turn to offer what you have left over to people in your neighbourhood. And with the "Slim Koken" (Smart Cooking) app, you have a search function to find recipes to use up what's left in your fridge.

Savings in your wardrobe

By trading second-hand you kill three birds with one stone: you can buy cheaper, you sell things you no longer need (ka-ching!) and you promote the circular economy. Vinted, 2dehands.be, Zalando (pre-owned), The Next Closet, etc. you're spoiled for choice.

Savings in your toolbox

Why buy a new drill if you only drill a hole once in a blue moon? You can borrow from neighbours in your street or neighbourhood with Peerby, for example. Also things like speakers, cargo bikes, tents and a thousand and one other items.

Savings on your phone bill

It may seem obvious to a lot of people, but just in case, we’ll say it again: call using WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, etc. instead of your phone account.

Savings on your energy bills

Not yet available as an app, but useful if something happens with your energy bill. Search for the lowest gas and electricity tariffs in Flanders,Brussels and Wallonia.

Savings on outings and holidays

Looking for a five-course dinner, a massage, a hotel stay, whatever? With apps such as Social Deal, you can buy a voucher which gives you great discounts. In the same category you will find Groupon and Groupdeal.

With apps and platforms such as Kayak, Hopper and Skyscanner, you will not pay a penny more than you need to for your holiday. These apps compare the rates on different travel websites. This allows you to find the cheapest flights. Some will also help you find the cheapest hotel rooms and rental cars.

Find the lowest prices and save

A new computer screen for EUR 214, or the same new computer screen for EUR 199? Websites such as comparer.be help you find the cheapest vendor.

The myShopi app shows you the pricelists for most of the major retail chains in Belgium.

Savings on the road

Petrollo helps to save fuel, for example by indicating in built-up areas when it is best to release the accelerator and roll through to the traffic light. After each trip, you can see how much you reduced cost and CO2emissions by driving ecologically.

Not available as an app, but useful for finding out where to fill up with the cheapest fuel in your area: carbu.com.

If you don't have a car, or you often drive alone, carpooling can be a good idea. With apps such as BlaBlaCar and Carpool with Mpact, you can share a car with others travelling to the same destination.

Save by budgeting

Need some help to understand your personal finances better? Then a budgeting app can help you organise your income and expenses, allowing you to spend your hard-earned cash more carefully. Wally, Goodbudget and YNAB (You Need a Budget) all work really well.

Never leave home without your loyalty card again

Have you ever missed out on an offer because your loyalty card was in your other handbag or jacket? Stocard is a customer card app that digitalises all your customer cards for you. . Just remember to carry your phone, that's the message.

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