A Keytrade Bank Nature Trail? Yes, please.

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Get your calendar and, while you’re at it, your hiking or running shoes as well, as we have prepared together with Golazo a wonderful programme of unforgettable experiences: stunningly beautiful Nature Trails and some spectacular obstacle runs.

Check our Facebook and this blog regularly. Who knows, maybe you’ll get your hands on a free ticket?

Do you want to participate to the Keytrade Bank Mijntocht at Beringen for free? Send an email before 11/12/2022 to marketing@keytradebank.com with your name and the reason why you deserve a free ticket. These free tickets are of course limited in number, but, as you already know, we do like to see happy clients.

Offer valid until we run out of tickets.

Save these dates in your calendar:

Blokkeer alvast de volgende datums in uw agenda:

  • 18/12/2022 Keytrade Bank Mijnentocht at Beringen

See you soon in a field or forest somewhere.

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