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While many of our competitors are charging again extra for the use of thier bank accounts, we at Keytrade Bank gladly remain loyal to our reward programme. Our bank gives 5 eurocents per transaction on a current account. Whereas many of our competitors' costs and charges are going in upward trend over the last couple of years, we at Keytrade Bank maintain the same tariffs as 5 years ago.

“In 2020 we gave our clients almost 700 000 euros.”, says Thierry Ternier, “That’s a lot of money, especially when you compare it with what certain brick and mortar banks are charging for their current accounts with similar facilities. The fact that the low interest rates are making a banker’s life extremely difficult is often heard as the number one reason for doing what they are doing. Even though these interest rates are indeed a challenge to say the least, we believe that they should not affect the charges for daily banking transactions. Consumers already feel what the low interest rates do to their money on their savings account.”

Aren’t there any costs that Keytrade Bank needs to pay to enable daily banking transactions?

“Yes of course there are. Still we like to see and show ourselves as the honest and transparent choice of the consumer who thinks twice. Quite elementary, we also want to earn our keep. However we do not want to let our clients pay for the continuous reorganization of a bank. Being digital from the start helps us to maintain this point of view.”

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