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Fiscal questions around Keyhome

What are the registration rights and abatement?

The registration rights is a percentage of the purchase price that the buyer needs to pay to the region in which the property he is buying is located. An abatement is a decrease of the tax granted by the tax administration under certain conditions. Those abatements are different in the 3 regions. For more information, please visit

Where can I find more information about my fiscal advantages?

Keytrade Bank does not give any fiscal advice. We recommend you to contact your notary if you have specific questions or to have a look at the following websites: ;

How can I get a fiscal attest for an existing mortgage loan at Keytrade Bank ?

The fiscal attest is every year available on the site. Once you are logged in, you can find it in the tab "Mortgage" in the list of documents at the bottom of the page.