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What are the modalities and limits for Keyhome?

What is the minimum and maximum age to ask for a mortgage loan?

The minimum age is 18 years old at the beginning of the credit and the maximum age should be limited in most cases to the age of pension at the end of the credit. Some exceptions might be made in specific situations.

Can I modify the split mandate/mortgage?

You cannot adapt this parameter. If you believe there are specific reasons to adapt this split, you can mention it in the free text field at the end of your request. The credit expert will look at your specific situation and let you know whether Keytrade Bank is willing to adapt this parameter or not.

What is the minimum/maximum duration of the mortgage loan at Keytrade Bank?

The minimum duration is 5 years and the maximum duration is 25 years.

What's the mimnum amount I can borrow?

The minimum amount for a mortgage loan at Keytrade Bank is €13.000.

We are three borrowers, what should we do?

Keytrade only accepts credit requests for a maximum of 2 borrowers.

Can I choose for another payment modality than constant monthly repayment?

For the moment, Keytrade Bank only offers a constant monthly repayment, which means that you will repay the same amount each month. For more information about the constant monthly repayment, please have a look at the prospectus.