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Sign up for cashbacks on our app and pay for your purchases with your Keytrade Bank card

The result: you will get a percentage of the purchase price (which varies from participating retailer to retailer) paid back, effortlessly. That's easy money.

Welcome to the bank that pays you.

How to proceed?

Benefit from cashbacks on a number of purchases in 4 simple steps.

  • Open the app

    Log in and click on "More"

  • Register

    Sign up for our cashback offer

  • Make purchases

    Use your Keytrade Bank card to pay for your purchases at participating retailers

  • Earn money

    Check your Keytrade Bank account every month as cashback on your purchases is being paid directly into your account

Our merchants

  • uber


  • Deliveroo


  • Veepee


  • casa


  • Intermarché


But why are they paying me?

This system is

  • win for the retailers,
  • a win for Keytrade Bank
  • and, in particular, a win for you!

You use your bank card to make purchases at participating retailers. The retailer then pays a percentage of the purchase price back to Keytrade Bank.

In turn we pay you the cashback as set out in the offer details, which enables us to offer you a unique and advantageous service.

What do retailers get out of it? Your purchase data are anonymised and consolidated to create statistics, which retailers can then use for their business strategies.

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