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What is a Cashback?

When you shop with certain retailers, we will give you money back, if you pay with your Keytrade Bank card. All you have to do is register in the app and the rest happens automatically.

Check out our deals in the app!

Start getting Cashbacks

Are you already a Keytrade Bank customer? Log into the app and activate our cashbacks. Not yet a customer? Using our bank for your daily banking needs pays you cash. So don't wait any longer, become a customer now.

What are cashbacks?

A cashback is a payment you receive when you shop at certain retailers.

How does it work?

  • Buy online or in a local store from a participating retailer.
  • Pay using your Keytrade Bank card. This can be either a debit or a credit card.
  • Check your account. Each month, your cashbacks on purchases are paid directly into the account of your choice at Keytrade Bank.

How do I sign up for cashbacks?

  • Log into the app and click on “more”
  • Go to Cashbacks
  • Click "I want these deals"
  • Select the account where you want to receive your cashback payments

All you have to do is accept our privacy policy and our terms and conditions, then start shopping!

How do I install the app?

Go to the App Store or Play Store and download our app. Please note, in order to take advantage of our cashbacks, you must be a Keytrade Bank customer and have a payment card with Keytrade Bank.

Can anyone register?

You need to meet the following conditions in order to sign up. You are

  • a Keytrade Bank customer
  • a natural person (not a company);
  • an adult and
  • legally competent to manage your own money.

What is the difference between a cashback and a discount?

Discount: A discount is deducted when you purchase and you only pay the remaining amount.

Cashback: You first pay the full amount when you purchase, then you receive a refund later.

Will I also get cashbacks if I shop online?

It depends on the deal. All the offers and their terms and conditions can be found in the app.

How do I unsubscribe?

  • Log into the app
  • Go to Cashbacks
  • Click on the Settings icon
  • Click on Deactivate Cashbacks

Please note that after unsubscribing you will not receive any cashbacks that are not yet on your account.

Payment method

Shop online or at a local shop using your Keytrade Bank card at participating retailers, and enjoy your cashbacks.

Which payment method do I need to use?

You receive cashbacks on both debit and credit cards. In the app you choose the account where you want to receive your cashbacks.

Which account will my cashbacks be paid into?

Your cashbacks will be paid into the Keytrade Bank account of your choice. You can change it at any time, but it must always be have a Keytrade Bank account.

Can I also enjoy cashbacks when I pay through a joint account?

Yes, provided that both account holders activate the program in the app.

When will I receive my cashbacks?

All cashbacks validated before the last Thursday of each month will be shown in your account around the 15th of the following month. Note that this is only a target date and it will depend on the retailer. It can take up to two months.

Can I see how much cashback I will receive after I make a purchase?

The cashback should show in your history the day after your purchase. First there will be a “pending payment”. This is because it may take a while before the cashback is approved by the retailer. Once it is approved, the cashback will be paid in the middle of the following month.

There are four possible cashback statuses

  • Pending: it is waiting for the retailer to check and confirm
  • Confirmed or awaiting payment: this means that the cashback has not yet been paid out, but has been approved.
  • Paid: your cashback is in your current account --> the amount will appear in green.
  • Cancelled: there are several possible reasons for this. Check "I haven't received my cashback. Why not?"

Our deals

Go to the app and find out about our deals. You will find all our offers and their terms and conditions there.

Where can I find the deals?

In our app.

Each participating retailer has different offers and terms and conditions. Read them before you start shopping. Please note, every deal has an end date. More details can be found in the terms and conditions.

How long does a cashback deal last?

The deals have a time limit. You will find the end date in the terms and conditions. After the end date, the deal will disappear, so check the app regularly.

Will I get a notification when deals are added or removed?

No, you need to check the app regularly to see what deals are current.

Can a deal be combined with other promotions or special offers?

This depends on the retailer's terms and conditions. Check these in the app.

Are these deals only valid in Belgium?

The deals are mainly valid in Belgium. Check the terms and conditions of a deal to see if it is available in another country.

I haven't received a cashback. What happened?

  • Your purchase did not meet the terms and conditions for the deal
  • You have returned the product
  • The deal had already finished: always check the end date and terms and conditions of a deal
  • You had already deactivated cashbacks in the app

What if I want to return the product?

If you return a product, you will not receive a cashback.

I can no longer see a deal in my summary.

All the deals are temporary. Once a deal is over, it disappears from your summary. Always read the terms of our deals carefully.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

If your question did not appear above, please take a look below.

Why am I actually being paid?

This Cashbacks programme is a win-win-win for the retailer, Keytrade Bank and you!

After you make the purchase using your bank card from one of the participating retailers, the retailer transfers a percentage of the purchase price to Keytrade Bank.

We in turn then provide you with the cashbacks. This is how we can offer you the benefit of a unique service.

And the retailer? Well, your purchase data is anonymised and processed in statistics. These statistics allow the retailer to improve their commercial strategy.

Will I also receive 5 cents per transaction when I receive a cashback?

Yes, you still have that. It is separate from the cashback.

What about my privacy?

Your purchase data is anonymised and processed in statistics. These statistics allow the retailer to improve their commercial strategy.

I am a retailer and I am interested in the Cashback programme.

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