Regulated savings accounts marketed by Keytrade Bank

This page summarises all relevant information relating to the two different regulated savings formulas offered by Keytrade Bank from category A for both clients and non-clients.

Saving formulas from category A are “classic” savings accounts combining a base rate and a loyalty premium without any other conditions.

If money is transferred from a savings account to another savings account opened in the name of the same account holder at the same institution, other than through a standing order, the period during which the loyalty premium was accrued on the first savings account will be maintained, provided that the amount of the transfer is at least €500 and that the account holder concerned has not already made three such transfers from the same savings account during the same calendar year.

Rate information and terms of our regulated savings accounts

The payment always consists of interest at the basic interest rate and a loyalty premium. Note: the sum of the interest at the basic interest rate and the loyalty premium applies today only for an amount that remains in your account for one year and as long as the basic interest rate does not change.

High Fidelity savings account

Ideal for savings you don't need right now

CategoryBasic interest rateLoyalty premiumAdded upConditions
0,90% on a yearly basis
1,65% on a yearly basis
2,55% on a yearly basis

Please read the following Key information for savers before opening an account:

Key Information for savers: Savings account High Fidelity (French)

Azur savings account

Your savings on hand

CategoryBasic interest rateLoyalty premiumAdded upConditions
1,00% on a yearly basis
0,50% on a yearly basis
1,50% on a yearly basis

Please read the following Key information for savers before opening an account:

Key Information for savers: Savings account Azur (French)

Basic interest rate

The basic interest rate is earned from the day after depositing the money in the account until the day on which it is withdrawn. The bank can alter the basic interest rate at any time.

Interest at the basic interest rate is paid into your account on the value date (1 January) or when you close the account.

Loyalty premium

The loyalty premium is only earned on amounts that have remained continuously in the regulated savings account for 12 months after they are deposited.

If you withdraw your money before the end of the 12-month period, you will not receive a loyalty premium on that money. This withdrawal will not affect you earning interest at the base rate. This premium runs from the day after the deposit. A new 12-month accrual period starts on the day on which the loyalty premium is earned.

The bank can alter the loyalty premium rate at any time. The loyalty premium rate in force at the time of payment or the start of a new period remains unaltered for a period of 12 months.

Loyalty premiums that have already been earned are paid into your account on the first day following the quarter in which they were earned, i.e. 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October, or when you close your account.

Clients will be notified via email of changes in the rates show.


opening/closing/management = free of charge electronic statements = free of charge

Where to consult Keytrade Bank’s savings calculator

Each credit institution develops this savings calculator and applies it to each individual regulated savings account. The aim is to enable you to ascertain the extent to which the various types of interest (basic interest rate and loyalty premium) are earned on a given account, allowing you to assess, in particular, the financial impact of any withdrawal.

This tool can be consulted on our transaction site:

  • log in
  • go to the Banking – Dashboard
  • click on the savings account for which calculation is needed
  • click on the three dots “…” at the right hand side of the page
  • click on “interest calculation”

Which account and payment match your needs?

This link takes you to the web page of the simulator developed by the Belgian supervisory authority (FSMA). After you enter some data in this simulator such as the amount to be saved and the term of the deposit, its purpose is to provide you with a summary of the income per regulated savings account and per institution.

The bank switching service

This link takes you to Febelfin’s bank switching service where you can find all the necessary information to use this service to switch to another bank, if required.

Most important risks

  • In case of bankruptcy or bankruptcy risk of the financial institution, the depositor bears the risk of not recovering its savings or may be subject to a reduction / capital equity conversion (bail-in) of the amount of claims he has on the financial institution above 100,000 euros, an amount that falls under the deposit protection mechanism.
  • Inflation risk: the continuously rising prices may lead to a possible loss of value of your savings.

Belgian law & undetermined duration

The savings account(s) described on this page is/are regulated savings accounts of Keytrade Bank. These products are subject to Belgian law and are unlimited in duration.


There is no withholding tax due on the first interest tranche of 1020EUR for the income year 2024 (above this tranche the withholding tax is 15%). This exemption applies per account, per private individual with residence in Belgium, and per year. This amount is doubled for accounts opened in the name of married persons or live-in partners (in other words maximum 2040EUR for the income year 2024).


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