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Savings account


Ideal for the savings you may need to use

  • 0,50% basic interest rate: for all amounts deposited into your account
  • 0,20% fidelity premium: on any balance you keep in your account for 12 months

Account's key features

  • The fidelity premium is paid 4x/year: 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October. The fidelity premium is earned for all amounts that remain in your account for 12 consecutive months.
  • Your money earns interest from the day after it is paid into your savings account.
  • No charges: no management fee, no charge for withdrawals, and no charge for your online bank statements.
  • Your money remains available at all times.
  • The basic interest rate of 0,50% applies directly to all amounts deposited into your account. It is valid for existing and new clients. The interest is calculated on an annual basis.
  • Duration: undetermined duration.
  • Tax: There is no withholding tax due on the first interest tranche of € 980 for the income year 2021 (above this tranche the withholding tax is 15%). This exemption applies per account, per private individual with residence in Belgium, and per year. This amount is doubled for accounts opened in the name of married persons or live-in partners (in other words maximum € 1.960 for the income year 2021).
  • Risks
    • In case of bankruptcy or bankruptcy risk of the financial institution, the depositor bears the risk of not recovering its savings or may be subject to a reduction / capital equity conversion (bail-in) of the amount of claims he has on the financial institution above 100,000 euros, an amount that falls under the deposit protection mechanism.
    • Inflation risk: the continuously rising prices may lead to a possible loss of value of your savings.
  • Complaints: If you have a complaint, please contact our Quality Care Service: If the complaint is not handled to your full satisfaction, you may submit it to the Mediation Service Banks Credit Investments: -
  • The Azur savings account is a regulated savings account under Belgian law of Keytrade Bank, Belgian branch of Arkéa Direct Bank SA (France). The account is for online use only. The basic interest rate and the fidelity premium can be modified by the bank at any moment. The client will be notified of any modifications by email and by an announcement on the transaction site.

Please read the following document before opening an Azur savings account.

Key information for savers (FR) - Azur

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