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Interest on savings account

Where to find the interest rate of Keytrade Bank's savings accounts?

You either go to or you check the essential savings information of your savings account in our


How is the basic interest rate calculated on the savings account?

The basic interest rate is calculated on the balance of your account and will be paid at the beginning of the following calendar year.

What happens to the fidelity premium for transfers between regulated savings accounts with the same account holder(s)?

When transferring from one of your regulated savings accounts with our bank to one of your other regulated savings accounts with our bank, it is possible to retain the acquired fidelity premium on the amount of the transfer up to 3 times per calendar year if your transfer meets the following conditions:

  • The savings accounts involved must have at least one shared holder.
  • The transfer amount is at least 500EUR .
  • Your transfer is not a standing order.

Please note, this applies 3 times per calendar year per savings account!

Which interest will I get on the online AZUR savings account?

The AZUR savings account has a basic interest rate of

, with
fidelity premium.  * Interest rate applies on the total amount of your savings account. The interests are calculated on an annual basis.

When will the money on the savings account yield interest?

From the day after the money is placed on your savings account it will produce interest. You will benefit from the basic interest rate of


What is the maximum amount of interests that is exempted from withholding tax?

Interests earned on a regulated saving accounts are exempted from withholding tax up to a yearly amount of EUR 980 (income 2021) ("exempted amount"). The withholding tax of 15% is automatically deducted as soon as the amount of interests earned on your saving accounts exceeds the exempted amount. Joint accounts in the name of two spouses or legal cohabitants can benefit of a double exemption of Belgian withholding tax (unless you are exempted for this tax) for interests earned on regulated saving accounts. This will be 2 times the exempted amount. Pay attention, the double exemption is not automatically applied. To request its application, you must send us a family composition ("composition de ménage" - "gezinssamenstelling" to request at your municipality of residence) at Indicate in your email "I hereby request the application of a double exemption of withholding tax on the account n° [indicate the account number of the regulated saving account] of which I am joint-holder with [indicate the last and first name of the joint-owner that is your spouse or legal cohabitant]".