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What is Travel Assistance insurance?

I am the holder of a Keytrade Bank Visa Gold card, which makes me eligible for Travel Assistance insurance. Do my partner and my children also benefit from this insurance?

Yes, the Visa Assistance Travel and Assistance insurance is valid for the holder of the Keytrade Bank Visa Gold card, their partner and any unmarried children who live with the cardholder.

What are the benefits of the Visa Travel Assistance insurance?

Assistance to persons in Belgium

  • Transport of a corpse

Assistance to persons Abroad

  • Medical assistance
  • Repatriation or transportation of the injured or ill parties
  • Repatriation or transportation of the other insured parties
  • Hospital visits
  • Repatriation and supervision of children under the age of 18
  • Repatriation of pets
  • Extension of the insured?s stay abroad
  • Urgent advanced return of the insured
  • Death of an insured during a trip
  • Search and rescue costs
  • Skiing accident
  • Transportation of essential medication, glasses, contact lenses and prostheses
  • Information service: 24/7 information service relating necessary documents prior and during the travel as well as information about health care and prevention
  • Loss or theft of travel documents and tickets abroad
  • Loss, theft or delay of luggage
  • Interpreter services
  • Legal Assistance

You can find the General Terms and Conditions of the Visa Gold Travel Assistance here.

Do I need to have paid for my trip with my Keytrade Bank Visa Gold card to benefit from the Travel Assistance insurance?

No, to benefit from this insurance you only need to be the holder of a Keytrade Bank Visa Gold card.

I am thinking about renting a car during my trip. Can I rely on my Visa Assistance insurance if the car breaks down?

No, vehicle breakdown is not covered under Visa Assistance.

Which documents must I send with a file for a claim on the Safe Online insurance that is linked to my Keytrade Bank Visa card?

If you file a claim, you must provide the insurer with the following:

  • the completed and signed Safe Online claim application form
  • the Keytrade Bank Visa card statement which shows that the insured item was purchased with your Keytrade Bank Visa card;
  • a document identifying the item as well as the purchase price and date, such as an invoice or sales receipt;
  • a printout of the order confirmation (e-mail), confirmation from the seller that they accepted the order or a printout of the internet order page;
  • in case of delivery by a courier: the delivery slip;
  • in case of by delivery by post: the delivery receipt;
  • when returning the insured item to the seller: proof of payment of the cost of return shipping with confirmation of receipt;
  • all other documents or information necessary to approve the request for compensation and to estimate the appropriate compensation.