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What is the Extended Warranty insurance?

Is there a minimum purchase value for the item to be covered by the Extended Warranty insurance?

The cover applies for items with a minimum unit value of EUR 150, including VAT.

Must the device that is insured under the Extended Warranty insurance have been paid for with my Keytrade Bank Visa Gold card?

Yes, the device must have been fully paid for by credit card and the unit value must be at least EUR 150 including VAT.

Is there a limit to the amount insured under the Extended Warranty insurance?

The limit of the insured amount is EUR 5,000 per appliance and per claim, with a maximum of EUR 5,000 per period of 12 consecutive months.

My appliance is one year old. Can I rely on the Extended Warranty insurance?

In the first 24 months after the purchase, you must rely on the statutory Warranty provided by the manufacturer of your appliance. The Extended Warranty insurance only takes effect if your appliance breaks down after the statutory Warranty period has expired. The cover applies only if the malfunction is also covered by the original manufacturer's 24-month Warranty. The Extended Warranty insurance linked to your Keytrade Bank Visa Gold card extends the original manufacturer's Warranty by 24 months.

Which goods are covered under the Extended Warranty insurance?

The insurance covers 'white goods' and 'brown goods' newly purchased in Belgium and paid for fully with your Keytrade Bank Visa Gold card. Used goods or goods you bought on an auction site are not covered. The insurance takes effect after expiry of the manufacturer?s statutory Warranty period, which is 24 months. If your appliance breaks down in the first 24 months after purchase, you are advised to contact the manufacturer or distributor. You can find the list of all covered goods here

What should I do in case of damage covered by the Extended Warranty insurance?

In case of damage you must:

  • report the damage as soon as possible by calling +32 (0)2 550 04 78 within 14 calendar days following the date of the damage;
  • provide the insurer with a copy of the purchase invoice, sales receipt or purchase receipt, plus proof that the appliance was paid with the insured card;
  • follow the insurer's instructions and provide them with all reasonable information and/or documents they may deem necessary or appropriate;
  • take all reasonable steps to minimise the consequences of the damage;
  • keep the insured appliance until the final settlement of the claim;
  • make the insured appliance available to an expert appointed by the insurer to determine the circumstances of the damage or to assess the loss.