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Using the debit card

How do I do cash withdrawals?

If you have applied for a Bancontact/Maestro card, you may withdraw money from ATMs in Belgium and abroad.

What are the card limits?

Debit card limits - adults

  • ATM withdrawal limits when using your debit card:
    • daily limit: 510EUR per 24-hour period
    • weekly limit:  1260EUR per 7-day period
  • Payment limits when using your debit card:
    • 2510EUR per 7-day period

We can't adjust these limits. The withdrawal and payment limits don't affect each other.

Please note that when you are making Maestro transactions with your debit card (withdrawal, payment or payment via internet), the double of the amount is blocked until the next business day. Example: You have 1000EUR on your current account. On Saturday, you make a purchase in a store for  300EUR and you withdraw 100EUR at the ATM. 800EUR (400EUR x 2) will be blocked until Monday. In other words, you can only use your debit card on Monday for an amount of 200EUR . The blocking of a double amount only applies to Maestro transactions and not to Bancontact transactions.

Debit card limits - minors

For minors, usage limits are lower.

  • ATM withdrawal limits when using your debit card:
    • withdrawal limit: 125EUR per withdrawal
    • weekly limit:  250EUR per 7-day period
  • Payment limits when using your debit card:
    • 250EUR per 7-day period The combined limit (= withdrawal and payment limits) is 250EUR per 7-day period.

Visa card

  • ATM withdrawal limits when using your Visa card:
    • 620EUR per 4-day period

How can I use my cards abroad?

Debit card Since 2011, you can only use your debit card as standard in European countries. If you would like to use your debit card with Maestro function, for a set period, in another country, you have to submit a specific request to do so via e-mail (not possible via telephone) to State your account number and your card number and the desired duration of this activation. We advise you to do this at least three working days before your departure abroad. Keytrade Bank doesn't charge for this service. Following your request, you can use your debit card to make payments anywhere in the world.

Visa Your VISA card needs to be activated for use abroad. This can be done through the App or the transaction website in the options of your card. 

What are the security rules for choosing a pin code?

Avoid simple codes such as sequences (1234), repeating numbers (1111) and dates of birth. Use a different code for each of your cards.

Can I make online purchases with my debit card?

Yes, you can make online payments with your debit card using 3D Secure. To make online payments with 3D Secure, you will need to use your softkey or hardkey.

What are the limits for withdrawals from ATMs and shops?

Withdrawals from Bancontact/Maestro ATMs are limited as follows

  • Maximum amount per card per day (0-24h): EUR 510
  • Maximum amount per card per 7-day period: EUR 1,260

Payments at Bancontact/Maestro payment terminals are limited to a maximum of EUR 2,510 per card and per 7-day period. The total amount of payments and cash withdrawals made using the Bancontact/Maestro services per 7-day period may not exceed EUR 3,770 per account.

What are the safety tips for using my debit or credit card?

  • A bank card is strictly personal. Keep it in your pocket or in another safe place.
  • Put your signature on the back of the card as soon as you receive it.
  • Always keep the PIN code to yourself: don't tell anyone or don't write it down anywhere. You can change your PIN code at any time at an (external) ATM in Belgium. This will allow you to choose a code that is easy to remember.
  • Destroy expired cards immediately.
  • Make sure that no one can see the PIN code when you enter it on the keyboard.
  • Check your statements regularly. If you notice any unusual transactions, contact your bank immediately.
  • Keep your card in sight when paying in a shop.
  • Make sure your card is returned to you after a payment.
  • If you are abroad, always check that the amount and the currency unit on the receipt or document match before you sign. Do not sign anything if you do not agree with the transaction.

What should I do if I have entered the wrong PIN code 3 times?

After 3 incorrect attempts, the card is blocked. If you still remember the correct code, you just have to contact us and we will unblock your card. If you don't remember the code, you will have to order a new one. Contact us and we will place your order.

Are you planning to travel to a country outside Europe?

Since 17/01/2011 the Maestro function is deactivated outside of geographical Europe. Click here for the complete list of countries in geographical Europe.

If you wish to use your debit card with Maestro function outside geographical Europe, you must send us a specific request by e-mail (not possible by phone) to the e-mail address mentioning your current account number, the card number and the duration of your stay abroad. Please send us the e-mail at least 3 working days before your departure. This service is free of charge. At the moment it is not possible to remove the restriction for a particular country. After your request, the restriction will be lifted for all countries.

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