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Requesting a credit card

What credit card can I obtain via Keytrade Bank?

Keytrade Bank offers 3 options: VISA Classic, VISA Gold and VISA Platinum. The granting of the card is based on your profile and your income.

As a non-Belgian resident, can I apply to Keytrade Bank for a VISA Credit card?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for a credit card if you are not a Belgian resident.

Can I obtain a credit card from Keytrade Bank for my account opened in the name of a business?

Unfortunately, that is not possible.

What criteria must I satisfy to be able to apply for a credit card?

You must be of age to be able to apply for a credit card from Keytrade Bank. In addition, Keytrade Bank will assess your creditworthiness and accept or reject the application on the basis of its assessment. If Keytrade Bank approves your application for a credit card and there is 1000EUR in one of your Keytrade Bank accounts, you will receive your credit card by post. Keytrade Bank is not required to state its grounds for refusing to issue a credit card.