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National Identifier (NI)

What is a National Identifier (NI)?

A National Identifier is a personal identifier code based on nationality. The National Identifier is a requirement which comes from the revised European Union (EU) Directive regarding Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID II) and its associated Regulation (MIFIR) which obliges banks to declare to their control authority financial instruments transactions of its clients by identifying its individual clients by their National Identifier. This requirement for identification applies to purchase and selling transactions (including outside the stock exchange), transfer of securities, corporate actions with investment decisions, etc.

What is my National Identifier?

The National Identifier differs according to your nationality. You can find the identifier that corresponds to your nationality here.

For which transactions is the NI required?

The National Identifier is required as of January 1st 2018 when selling or buying a financial instrument (except the non-listed funds ), transferring a financial instrument or participating to a corporate action with investment decision.

Do I need a National Identifier?

Everyone who is holder or proxyholder of a trading account at Keytrade Bank will need a National Identifier code (NI). The NI can be communicated on the Keytrade Bank website: once you are logged in, you click on your name and you will find it under «Preferences/ National Identifier».

Note that the customers with a nationality from Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Hungary, Ireland or Luxemburg will not have to communicate it, because we already have their National Identifier in our database.

No transaction will go through after the 1st of January 2018 if the holder of the mandatory account did not give us their National Identifier.   If the holder or proxyholder does not have his password or identification anymore then please fill in the following form and send it to If the holder or proxyholder does not have access to his account then please send an e-mail to

Non-listed funds do not need a National Identifier. Clients who only have a KEYPLAN do not have to change anything and do not need a National Identifier.

How can I communicate my NI to Keytrade Bank?

Please go to your transaction site and enter your identifier under "Preferences" > "National identifier".

What happens if I do not have a NI after January 1st 2018?

If we do not have your National Identifier or the National Identifier of the (co-)holders of the account from January 1st 2018, you will no longer be authorised to place an order.

I would like more information on the National Identifier.

You can find more details about the National Identifier here. If you have any further questions, please send an email to

Is the National Identifier based on my nationality or my country of residence ?

The National Identifier is linked to the country of nationality, not on the tax residency or legal country of residence. Should you have more than one nationality, please contact our legal department at

Where can I find (the format of) my National Identifier?

This list gives you the format of your National Identifier and possible sources of where it can be found.