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How do I use itsme?

What is Itsme?

Itsme is a mobile app that allows you to confirm your identity and sign transactions in a secure, simple and reliable way. Itsme was created by Belgian Mobile ID. This is an organisation founded by a couple of Belgian banks, telecom companies and the Belgian government.

Can I become a Keytrade Bank customer with itsme?

Yes. Anyone older than 18 years with a valid Belgian identity card and a mobile phone number can use an itsme account to become a Keytrade Bank customer*. To do this, you need to confirm via the itsme app (iOS or Android) that you want to share your personal information with Keytrade Bank.

Please note: make sure that your itsme profile is complete and that the identity card linked to your account is still valid.

If you're not using itsme yet, you can create your itsme account on the itsme website. In the meantime, you can become a Keytrade Bank customer by entering your personal information manually.

* Approval subject to Keytrade Bank terms and conditions

Can I log into Keytrade Bank and sign transactions using itsme?

No. For the time being, you need to log into Keytrade Bank platforms using SoftKey or HardKey. Soon, it will be possible to log in and sign with itsme.

My itsme account is blocked. What should I do?

Keytrade Bank does not manage or have access to your itsme account. You can reactivate your itsme account in the itsme app. If you need help, please contact itsme via its website.