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Debiting credit card expenses

When is my credit card expenditure debited ?

The expenses made with your credit card will be withheld monthly form your current account. You need to make sure that there is a sufficient amount on your current account to cover these expenses. The amount will be debited from your current account 3 calendar days after the closure of the transactions (the last day of the month). If this day falls in a weekend or is an official holiday or bank holiday, the debit will be executed the closest working day. Examples:

  • The expenses I made with my credit card in July 2019 are debited on 02/08/2019. The debit should have happened on the 03/08/2019 which was a Saturday. Therefore the debit of the current account took place on 02/08/2019 which was the closest working day.
  • The expenses made in October 2019 are debited on 03/11/2019.

What happens if I dispute a transaction on my statement?

If you wish to dispute transactions with your credit card, please report them through the following document.

How can I view my monthly credit card statements?

Your monthly credit card statements are available online in electronic format (PDF). To view, save or print your electronic statements, log on to the transactional site via your PC (not using a tablet or smartphone) and go to the 'Bank' menu. Next, click on 'Statements' and select your credit card account. Here you will find your latest monthly statement along with a history of statements available for 24 months.