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Contactless or no PIN payments

What is a contactless payment?

Contactless payments allow you to pay by simply putting your card next to a terminal thanks to the NFC technology. To be able to use this payment method, your card must show this logo ? and the terminal this one ?.

What are the limits of contactless payments and payments without PIN?

A PIN code is requested from €50. Payments without PIN code are only allowed for purchases of less than €50. The PIN code is required from the moment the amount of consecutive purchases will reach €100.

How can I disable the contactless payments and payments without PIN functionalities of my bank card?

To disable, please contact our helpdesk.

What are payments without PIN?

Payments without PIN allow you to purchase goods and services of less than €50 without entering a PIN. To do this kind of payments you need to insert your card in a terminal or bring it close by a terminal. This latter is also called a contactless payment.

Can I pay contactless with my debit card?

If your debit card shows the logo ?, you can pay contactless. If your bank card does not feature the contactless logo, you can contact our helpdesk to order a new one.