CARD STOP has a new number! 078 170 170

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Those who were able to melodiously murmur the previous number (zero seven zero three four four three four four) will have to learn a new ditty. Card stolen or lost. Call 078 170 170!

Why changing numbers?

The previous one was charged at 30 eurocent per minute. As the Belgian banking sector wanted to get rid of that cost, they switched to a ‘normal’ number without this extra charge.

Different number. Same reflex. That’s the tagline in radio spots, social media and so on with only one purpose: learn the new number by heart and … hopefully you’ll never need it.

What’s the procedure with Keytrade Bank cards?

In case of loss or fraud with you debit or credit card, it is always a good idea to pick up your phone and call Card Stop. The operator will block immediately al your cards. It is, however, important that you tell him or her that you have cards at our bank. Card Stop is available 24/7.

Do you own a Keytrade Bank Visa card? There is even a quicker way to block your card? Temporarily if you think you still might find it. But also indefinitely when you are sure that it is gone for good.

How? Check the cards section on the transaction site or on the app.

Before you forget …

Take your smartphone or little black phonebook and write down 078 170 170. This way, you will not lose time whenever you might need it.

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