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KNEWS 2307 Padel

Just like in our business, 'padel' comes down to having the right partner to help you win. Keytrade Bank is a proud sponsor of this sport, that is developing at enermous speed in Belgium.

Padel is everyone's game

Lesson 5: The 2 partners

Discover our series on how to better position yourself when playing padel. (French and Dutch spoken)

Invest in your game

It is all about positions. Discover 12 tips by Belgian top players.

  • The 3 zones

  • The attack zone

  • Defensive zone

  • No man's land

  • The 2 partners

  • The partners side by side

  • Serve left

  • Serve right

  • Return of service

  • The lob return

  • Take the net

  • Diagonal positioning

In other words