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  • Did you give an unknwon individual access to your personal data through the phone?
  • Did you Notice an unknown payment on your account that you did not do yourself?
  • Did you lose your smartphone? Or was it stolen?
  • Did you lose your bank card? Or was it stolen?

Recognise it yourself

The modus operandi of fraudsters

They frighten you

Quite often they supposedly want to ‘fix’ a technical or security problem (with your card or account).

They are pushy

You need to urgently take action now or else …

They are offering a swift and easy solution

You only need to click to open an attachment or a link, which enables them to get to your data or codes.

Safety and security are our top priorities!

It goes without saying that online safety and security are ranked very highly at Keytrade Bank. It is a constant. Moreover, in the continuous struggle between user-friendliness and security, the latter will get the upper hand.

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Share everything with peace of mind. Except your bank cards.


Some things in life, such as that piece of cake, the CD signed by your favourite artist, or your partner, are best kept to yourself. And the same applies to your bank cards and bank details, too.

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The pandemic is not stopping the scammers

Although we are currently in lockdown and daily life has slowed down, some things are carrying on as normal. Scams such as phishing and cyber fraud are actually increasing during this period.

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How safe are contactless payments?


You have all seen this icon. It says that you can pay contactless. Still, is this as safe as the classic method where you put your card inside the payment terminal? Let’s find out.

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On the way to a society without cash?


In Uppsala's 13th-century cathedral, worshippers can donate Swedish crowns as they used to do during the stoeltjesgeld (chair money) collection. No coins with you? No problem. For some years now, churchgoers have also been able to use their bank card there. Because in one of the most cashless countries in the world, even God accepts collections via smartphones and payment cards.

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Tips from an expert: how to keep your passwords safe


Hundreds of billions of euros. That's how much money is lost to cyber crime each year. Between companies that are brought to a halt and bank accounts that are sucked dry: the cost is high. Nevertheless, there are actions we can take to save ourselves a lot of trouble. Without any major investment. Creating strong passwords and keeping them secure is one of the techniques you can use to make life as difficult as possible for cyber criminals.

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How can you vaccinate your computer against malware?


Every year, several hundred thousand new forms of malware end up on the internet. Every single one is dangerous software and the authors have designs on your money or data, or want to take over your computer for nefarious practices.

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