Visa credit card on Blue background (CTA)

Visa Classic

  • A monthly personalised limit from 1250EUR  up to 2000EUR
  • The basics taken care of
  • Customise your card’s settings
Request a Visa Classic

Get more than with any other comparable credit card

With our free VISA Classic:

  • you can withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide and from ATMs in the eurozone even free of charge.
  • your purchases are safe thanks to the Safe Online insurance and Purchase insurance.

Do not forget to customise your card's settings such as online payment, contactless payment or payment without a PIN, or cash withdrawal in another country. At Keytrade Bank, you have total control of your card.

Good to know

  • The total amount of your expenses is deducted at the beginning of the following month.
  • This card is only available to private individuals over the age of 18 who reside in Belgium.
  • The credit card Classic remains free after 1 year if used at least 12 times per year. Otherwise 25EUR /year.

The basics insured

Bij Keytrade Bank heeft de VISA Classic al een basisverzekeringspakket om uw aankopen te beveiligen.

Purchase Insurance

If your purchase has not been delivered or is not as advertised, with VISA Classic it is covered up to 90 days after payment (up to 1500EUR per claim per year).

Safe Online

If your purchase has not been delivered or is not as advertised, with VISA Classic it is covered up to 90 days after payment (up to 750EUR per claim per year).

Determine your Visa settings yourself

You can choose in realtime what you want to change or activate through the app our the secure site

Payment abroad

Are you travelling abroad? Choose where you want to be able to pay with your card.

Cash withdrawals

Your card always you to easily withdraw cash. That's free in the Eurozone by the way.

Credit limit

You can change your credit limit at any time through the app or the secure site.

Paying without a PIN

Your PIN is no longer required for purchases under €25. Activate this option and save time – in complete security.

Contactless payments

If you activate this option, all you need to do is hold your card against a payment terminal to pay.

Blocking your card

If you have lost your card or it is stolen, you can block the card yourself. You can do so temporarily if you think you will find it or permanently in the case of theft.

Still not sure?

Use our card comparator to determine which card is right for you.

Visa cards lineup (single)

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