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Which projects can be financed with Keyhome?

What kind of projects can be financed via Keytrade Bank?

There are 4 types of projects:

  • purchase (house/appartment/land): Keytrade Bank focusses mainly on private persons who want to buy a first or second property. The borrower(s) need(s) to be 100% owner of the property.
  • renovation
  • construction
  • external refinancement: to transfer a mortgage loan at another bank to Keytrade Bank

For every project we take a mortgage on the property.

Can I purchase property abroad via Keytrade Bank? Keytrade Bank fincances the purchase of your property in Belgium.

In very few cases exceptions are possible if the property is situated in a neighbour country and if we can take a mortgage on a property situated in Belgium. There may not be a mortgage loan on the property in Belgium. If you wish to have more information about this subject, you can make a simulation on the website and book a phone appointment. A mortgage expert will call you to answer your questions.

I want to do a purchase on plan: which project do I need to choose? You can select "Do you plan to purchase?", in type of project you choose "under VAT regime" and finally select "purchase on plan".