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Which projects can be financed with Keyhome?

Which types of project can a private individual finance using a Keytrade Bank home loan?

You can choose from four types of project:

  • Purchasing real estate and/or sole ownership of a building lot.
  • Renovating property. This is the case even before you become the owner.
  • Construction: Keytrade Bank specialises in lending to private individuals who want to build real estate. This can also be combined with the purchase of a building plot.
  • External refinancing: Transfer an existing mortgage loan with another bank to Keytrade Bank. The costs of refinancing can be included in the loan if you prefer.

Does Keytrade Bank’s home loan allow me to purchase real estate abroad?

As a general rule, Keytrade Bank only finances purchases of real estate in Belgium. However, some exceptions are possible under certain conditions. If you decide to purchase a property in a neighbouring country and you own personal property in Belgium that is free and unencumbered, you first need to run a simulation and then book an appointment with a loan expert to discuss your specific project.

How can you finance a purchase on a KEYHOME plan?

When you run the simulation, select purchase, then enter the type of property “What do you want to buy?” and enter the details of your project. Under project type, select “subject to VAT” and then tick “purchase on a plan”.