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Which accounts are opened for me?

Which accounts are opened for me when I become client of Keytrade Bank?

Keytrade Bank automatically opens 3 free on-line accounts:

  • a current account;
  • a savings account;
  • a trading account.

You will not have to pay any opening or management costs. Moreover, you may have access to all other traditional bank and stock exchange services.

Why do I have to answer the legally required questions (KYC)?

As part of efforts to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism, banks are subject to KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations; please take a look at the Febelfin brochure about this here. Both when you open an account and during the time that you hold an account with us, Keytrade Bank may, depending on your profession, your family situation or the transactions on your accounts, ask you questions about your reasons for opening an account and the source and amount of money flowing into your account.Based on the information that we receive, Keytrade Bank will conduct a risk analysis and draw up a detailed customer profile.

Do I need to make a minimum deposit when opening an account?

No minimum deposit is required when you open an account. You are free to decide how much you wish to deposit on your current, savings and/or trading account.

How do I change my personal details or settings?

If your personal situation changes (new address, marriage, death, ?) you need to inform us as soon as possible using the relevant document, which you can find in the Document Centre. This allows you to subscribe to newsletters, change the language, change your e-mail address, ... You may make such changes on-line on our secure web site in the main menu by clicking on 'Preferences'.

Why do banks ask you to update your details?

In accordance with the regulations on preventing the financial system from being used for money laundering and financing terrorism, as a banking institution, we are obliged to identify our customers and regularly ask you to check the data we hold about you and update it if necessary.