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The validity period of your application form

Is it possible to extend the validity of my application form?

It is not possible to extend the expiration date of your application form, which need to be signed within 7 days. The application form is not a contract so it is not binding, but if you want an analyses of your mortgage request, you need to sign this document. For further questions, please contact us via The following link shows an overview of the process:

How long is my simulation valid?

Your simulation result remains valid for 14 days. If you want to get your mortgage loan at the interest rate of your simulation, you will have to send your application within 14 days. There is an indicator of the number of days left visible on your simulation. However, if you modify something in your simulation during this period, the interest rate can change.

How long is my offer (final contract) valid?

Your offer from Keytrade Bank remains valid for 20 days. All the borrowers will have to sign the offer online within 20 days.