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What is the Idea Centre and how does it work?

What can you find in the Idea Centre?

The 'Idea Centre' is a practical tool which allows you to compare stocks at a glance. In this way, you can make a first selection out of thousands of stocks. On the one hand, you can do this via predefined investment themes in the first tab of the 'Idea Centre'. An investment theme is a list with fixed selection criteria regarding one specific theme allowing you to find stocks based on these criteria. Different investment themes are set up, all viewed from a different investment angle, and all resulting in a shortlist of the most interesting stocks for each theme. In these investment themes, you'll find among others 'Conservative European Large Caps', 'Stable Income Shares' and 'Rising Expectation Shares'.

On the other hand, you can search stocks based on your preferred criteria in the second tab of the 'Idea Centre', namely 'Advanced Options'. You can select different criteria and verify which stocks meet your criteria.

WARNING: The Idea Centre is a tool to help you with your online investments, but it cannot be considered as investment advice.

'Advanced Options' does not give any result. Why?

Some of the criteria you chose for your selection are probably too restricted. Check the selection criteria you selected and adapt if you want.

Some investment themes do not give any result. Why?

The selection criteria used for the investment themes are very restrictive. Under certain market conditions, it is possible that no shares satisfy these severe criteria and that some investment themes do not give any result. The investment themes results are updated daily. So, if you do not want to miss any of the information one of you favourite investment themes could give you, we advice you to check it on a daily basis.

Yesterday, I saw a share noted in one of the investment theme lists and today it has disappeared.

Every day we get thousands of data on all shares (company results, new perspectives, analyst's recommendations) and we carry out new analysis (technical analysis and fundamental analysis). These new figures can lead to new ideas or can lead to the withdrawal of certain shares of a list of an investment theme. For this reason, each list can change every day. If you do not want to lose any information an investment theme can offer, we advise you to consult it on a daily basis.

The lists proposed via our investment themes do not guarantee a positive evolution of the share's quotes. These lists are not investment advices, but are meant to give you investment ideas which are the result of a very strict selection based on severe and objective criteria. The world of investments is not an exact science. What today can be seen as an opportunity can radically change the day after!